if mr. Kipling had known…

a man who has a job is a slave,
one who does not have one discriminated
anyone who makes a row is an activist
if the police fine you (regardless of what)
you are a fighter for human rights
if you damage any industry you are an environmentalist
if you cut car tires you are a hero
who saves the world from global warming
if you are against America you are a patriot
if you kiss relics you are a christian
if you tell the truth you are a jackass
if your career is not a success
it's a sign that civilization is crumbling
if your career is a success
you would have deserved more
if you are satisfied with what you have, you are an idiot
an embarrassingly brainwashed conformist
if you haven't understood until now you won't ever
understand human nature
the history of mankind is the history of human nature
so history is a discipline that is lagging behind
studies the effects, but the causes remain the same,
same apple, same snake
who never change their nature
if you have a smartphone
you are a technology enslaved moron
if you don't have a phone
you were looted by Americans (or Hungarians) as the case may be
if you think that we invented lamentation, you are misinformed,
we only invented the flute (that's what we think)
if we minded our own business it were different,
but we don't want to, we have rights and we can't help
trying them all, to the very end

Zorin Diaconescu

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